Music Production

You’ve put your heart and soul into your music. You’ve worked so hard on developing your voice, your songwriting and your skills as a musician. It’s now time to put your baby in somebody else’s hands!

The production process can either make or break your musical career! Once you release a song it’s out there forever. It’s a terrible feeling to hear your songs years later and absolutely hate them. We’ve all been there and we know what it feels like.

That’s why you should trust your music into the hands of an experienced production team that will make you even prouder of your music. At WickedandLoud you will find a team of experienced producers and audio engineers that will help you to achieve your vision for your music. In our state of the art studios in London & Malta, we’ll be by your side to guide you in the songwriting and production process and to mix and master your music at the highest level possible. Our target is simple. We’ll do what is best for your song and for you as an artist! Get in touch to start making music now.

Corporate Music

Are you thinking of investing in your branding?
The image of your business can’t be more important in today’s world! At WickedandLoud you’ll be able to receive the best guidance and service in all music and audio aspects of branding.

Our team is experienced in producing world-class jingles for your radio, television and internet adverts, voice overs and all kinds of corporate music. We can write catchy melodies to your slogans, create compelling music for your presentation, record crystal clear speeches for your explainer video and much more!

We’re happy to work to any brief or specifications that you might give us. Get in touch to get started today!

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