new website
coming soon

We're growing! Apart from the fact that we are now a record label,
we are also opening a studio in Soho, London!
Isn't that awesome? Hell yeah.

About Us

Wickedandloud has been the home to a string of
highly talented and professional artists providing
sound engineering and audio producing services
at a state of the art studio in Malta.

Due to the fact that we are having some new awesome
changes to our company, we are launching a new website soon.
Stay tuned and follow us on our social media channels.

Book Now

Booking your studio session online just got a whole lot
easier. We are pleased to announce that apart from taking
bookings for the Malta studio, Wicked and Loud is now
also accepting bookings for the London studio.

Don't miss out on our discounted rates. To celebrate our
new studio in London we are offering a 50% discount
when booking online. This offer can be redeemed by
using the code ‘WICKED’ at the check out - offer
ends on the 31st of October, 2019.




A3 Towers, Unit 2021,
Kanonku Dun Karm M. Bologna STR Paola PLA 1541, Malta


M. +356 9991 2005